Leave the Costumes to the Kids – You Should Dress in Style this Halloween!

by Day on 10/18/2016 in Fashion
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You’re too gorgeous to dress up as aswang or mangkukulam and that White Lady sa Balete look is so overrated. Don’t sacrifice style and comfort when you attend the office Halloween party.

For stylish costume ideas that you can actually wear all night, we rummaged our collections to find great ensembles that you will surely love.

So, here we present you Halloween dresses, which you can wear with easy-to-find props and creative makeup.


The Ice Queen


02589 - Front

Chill up the night with this Off-White Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress. Just put on some silvery make up and of course, a tiara.

Fairy Princess


02379 - Front

This Halloween can be the right time to fulfill your fairy fantasy with this Dark Pink Fairy Inspired Skirt Chiffon Dress. You just need to find your fairy wings and wand and off you go dear!

Pumpkin Princess


01841 - Front

What is Halloween without the pumpkin? It is easy to be the Pumpkin Princess with this Orange Contrast V Dress. Wear pumpkin necklace or earrings to officially dominate your Pumpkin kingdom.

Prim and Proper Vampire


03259 - 1

You can be hot as a vampire without losing your elegance. This Black Neoprene Shoulder Hugging Maxi Dress will be complete with pale makeup and dark eyeliner.

Playful Goddess


03299 - 1

Look extra goddessy this Halloween with this Black Yellow High-Low Dress. Pair this up with golden armband.

Lady Yin-Yang


02678 - Front

Hold dominion over the balance of good and evil with this Black Yin Yang Dress. Complete this with lucky charms for that oriental appeal.

Fierce Venus


02331 - Front

If Venus wages war, this Tri-Tone Dress would be her perfect outfit. Fierce fall makeup would be ideal for this.

Queen of Hearts


02746 - Front

Be the Queen of the night with this Red Infinite Ways Dress. Style your hair like a Queen by watching this tutorial. Of course you need a ruby-embellished tiara and a wand.

Check out other spectacular Syala Collections party dresses to find that perfect outfit for your Halloween party. You can also write to us and ask for advice from SyalaStylists. Don’t forget to share you Halloween costume ideas by writing your comments below.

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