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by Day on 10/07/2016 in News
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Welcome to the Syala Collections Blog.

For months, we have tinkered our heads, dazed at the stars, and munched on tons of pistachios to bring you an online platform that will embody you as a genuine Syala Collections lady.

Since the early years of Syala Collections, we have been blessed to watch our community grow in remarkable ways. And we have thought of starting a blog so we can further share to you our passion of providing every body with dresses that are not only fashionable but can uplift yourself as a woman. We want this blog to become a way for us to tell the fabulous story of Syala Collections as well as the stories from the members of our amazing community.

At Syala Collections, we are not into the business of dressmaking. We are into the business of providing experience. There are the experiences of the people behind Syala Collections, and there are the experiences that become the inspiration of our designs.


Exciting Stories, Rich Experiences


In running this blog, we like to offer you beyond chic dresses. We want to inspire you through the stories that we will run and the experiences that we will share.

We know, our dresses are all beautiful and you might find it difficult to choose which to shop. Our Shopping Guide can help you with that. We’ll answer common questions and concerns about shopping through our online store including the designs to choose, choosing your ideal size, and more!

Next, our Lifestyle posts will cover articles, DIYs, or pictures that we think will inspire you.

Meanwhile, our Syala Collections Pick features dresses that are recommended by no less than the people behind crafting your choices.

And last but certainly not the least, our Inspire The World series will allow you to peek inside the stories and experiences of women who we think really embody the values that we care for – excellence, elegance, and heart.


Wait, There’s More


We have huge plans for our Syala Collections Blog – really huge plans. This is just version 1.0, and we will continue to re-imagine, innovate, and share new experiences and blog features that we hope will delight you. Please, let us know what you think about our blog, or if you notice some issues that needs our attention.

For the Syala Collections Blog Team, this task can be real fun for all of us.

We’ll wait to hear what you think, and thank you for being with us through these years. We are doing this for all of you.

With love,

The Syala Collections Blog Team

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