5 Summer Outfit Must-Haves to Perk Up your Summer

by Day on 04/08/2019 in Fashion
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Summer 2019 1

Hello Summer!
Fashion is sure to be more fun whenever the Summer Sun is around. It’s the best time to be more creative with the pieces you have in your wardrobe as well as be more carefree with those printed dresses and whites.
Whether you’re off to the beach or strolling in the mall or simply taking some time off from the usual formal attire you wear at work (without breaking the “formal” vibe to your look), and with all the family gathering and class reunions lined up this summer, keeping some summer must-haves makes dressing up for these activities more fun. What are these pieces? Here are some summer outfit must-haves as we bring back some classic items and basics this Summer 2019.
1. Whites

Wearing whites has been the easiest outfit to have a cool look this summer. Whether it’s a dress, a loose tee, or spaghetti strap blouse or a ruffled skirt, whites are always perfect for an all-day fresh vibe. Make sure to keep some in your closet. Don’t worry, these pieces are good to use for the whole year.
2. Scarfs

It’s summer. With the sun and breeze especially the heat, scarfs are great items to have as part of your #OOTD. These are not just accessories but are summer essentials that can transform into a headband, necklace, pony tail holder, belt, even a tube or halter top! There are even those who turn scarfs into their own little hand bags (in case you need an extra one whenever you are at the beach).
3. Pop Color Pieces

Whether it’s bright orange, yellow, green, pink or anything in between these, summer makes wearing bright colored blouses, skirts and dresses more fun! Mix and match colored pieces with printed outfit or white ones. Why not replace your grays, blacks, and usual navy brown office attires with these popping colors this summer!
4. Prints

Print dresses and blouses, especially those of brighter hues, are definitely “in” this summer. It’s refreshing and fun to the eyes. These pieces are sure to brighten up your wardrobe whether it’s stripy or tropical. You can partner printed blouses with jeans, or simply have a more laid-back look with printed dresses matched with denim jackets. You can also keep your look to a minimal by simply wearing a printed dress, flip flops or flat sandals, and a hat.
5. Ruffles

Ruffles are always a great way to bring out daintiness and femininity. Check out pieces, from skirts, to blouses, to dresses with ruffles for your summer strolling girly vibe. They are simply chic and classy plus you don’t need to wear too much accessories with these outfits.
What makes fashion more fun this summer is how you can mix and match items or jazz them up. Just remember to have fun. Beat the summer heat with cool summer look for keeps!