Leave the Costumes to the Kids – You Should Dress in Style this Halloween!

by Day on 18/10/2016 in Fashion

You’re too gorgeous to dress up as aswang or mangkukulam and that White Lady sa Balete look is so overrated. Don’t sacrifice style and comfort when you attend the office Halloween party. For stylish costume ideas that you can actually wear all night, we rummaged our collections to find great ensembles that you will surely […]


Finally, We Can Now Say Hi to You!

by Day on 07/10/2016 in News

Welcome to the Syala Collections Blog. For months, we have tinkered our heads, dazed at the stars, and munched on tons of pistachios to bring you an online platform that will embody you as a genuine Syala Collections lady. Since the early years of Syala Collections, we have been blessed to watch our community grow […]

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